Strenghten your wellbeing!
Anika Bruckner
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Strenghten your wellbeing!

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Über Anika:

My name is Anika Bruckner and you are interested in the following topics: Motivation in everyday life, stress reduction, as well as physical and mental well-being? Probably because you want to create more ease in life, better stamina and but the focus away from problems towards solutions. These are exactly the topics I have dealt with in recent years and yes, I have succeeded, regardless of whether in company or individual coaching the customers with more joy and energy. To reduce your stress level and boost your endorphins and thus to create a successful togetherness are my wishes for you.


I did my laughter yoga teacher training with the Guru of Laughter in India. I also completed a 200h yoga and meditation trainer training in Nepal. I have been dealing with the right breathing for athletes for years and I am a cross-country trainer and singer. I learned brain training and stress reduction from Jim Kwik, among others. In short I am colorful :).

Was du lernen wirst:

• Learn to change your mood in minutes. • Reduce stress and strengthen your immune system. • Increase the net supply of oxygen, this will help you to improve performance. • Resolve yourself through difficult times and help you maintain a positive outlook on life regardless of the circumstances. "Because only one laugh can change everything ... YOUR laugh!"

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